Global Materials Ltd is the Best Solution for your Products Sourcing with its Powerful Supply Chain.

Global Materials Ltd supply whole rolls 3M-Dinoc, 3M Fasara and 3M Window films either for Automotive or Commercial use at discount prices. We can also supply the materials at your own dimension and requirement.Please contact use for more information.

3M Drinking Water Filtration System is an economic under sink alternative to bottled water that connects to a dedicated faucet. The AP Easy system helps to reduce chlorine taste and odor, particulate, Lead, mercury, asbestos, and VOCs that found in drinking water.

Cooling, safety and security are top priorities in picking out a tint for your vehicle. Automotive window tint blocks heat, reduces glare and helps reduce interior fading which creates a look allow you to rev up style.

Much like cars, window films are now being used in residential settings to offer homeowners the benefits of a sun filter to block some sunlight, while allowing other light into the home and adding the privacy without sacrificing style.

With the window tinting, you can provide sun control, UV protection and privacy while increasing energy savings. It also enhance the performance of glazing system, improving comfort, adding safety and updating aesthetics to many buildings.

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    At Global Materials Ltd we understand our customers’ needs. Our customers are both multinational as well as local brands and we supply cost efficient materials sourcing solutions. We establish good customer relations and always work towards being a preferred supplier and partner.

    2. Offering the Best Quality at the Lowest Wholesale Price

    Global Materials Ltd can source products with huge volume from suppliers directly with low logistic cost. This help us to provide our customer the lowest wholesale price with the best quality.

    3. The Best Solution for Your Business

    Not only supply best quality materials, Global Materials Ltd also provide tailor made solution including installation services of various kinds of window films and decorative board.

    4. Our Guarantee

    Global Materials Ltd ensures that your items will be delivered as ordered and at the price quoted.

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